Patrick Barbanes, The Branding Professor

Been Down So Long... looks like up to me. That's the title of a 1966 book by Richard Farina. But I bet you understand that feeling. Been down so long it looks like up. I've been there. And I've been up, as well...

One day I'm on MSNBC in a documentary about Facebook (The Facebook Obsession), and the next I'm being foreclosed on and have to move out of the house I called home with my wife and daughter before the bank locked the doors.


You Can Get Back Up

One day I'm doing a interview on NBC6 Today Show, promoting my social media classes, the next I'm being evicted from my apartment, the electricity cut off, taking cold showers, and trying to get all the furniture out before the Sheriff comes to watch the landlord put it all on the street.

One day I'm driving my daughter in my Audi convertible to some of South Florida's most exclusive country clubs where she plays tennis tournaments, the next I'm homeless and sleeping in my Chrysler Pacifica SUV.

All true. Been down so long...

But I can't be kept down. And that's the beauty of making money online. You don't need huge amounts of cash or capital. You don't need tons of equipment or a warehouse or a store in the mall.

Let me show you how.